A Year After Elections; Ghanaians Call On IGP Dampare To Contest For Presidential Seat




Some Ghanaians think , under the leadership of the current Inspector General of Police , Dr. Akufo Dampare there have been positive transformation in the service, perhaps calling on the IGP to contest for the Presidential seat.

It will be recalled that Ghanaians went to the poll to elect Presidential and Parliamentary candidates for all the constituencies in the country.

As today marks exactly one year , some Ghanaians have expressed their frustrations under the current Npp government over extreme hardships and economic brokages.

Even though the seat of the police overlord is link with politics ,but netisan believe Dr. Dampare bring changes , should he become the President.

On social media platforms, some Ghanaians chided the sitting President for not prioritising the welfare of the citizenry but rather imposing unwarranted taxes on them .

During today’s edition of Akomafm’s morning show program dubbed ” Ghana Akoma’ hosted by an astute journalist, majority of Ghanaians who called on the phone segment expressed their bitterness over the hardships in the country.

Some said ” Kofi ,I am an Npp member but if we are to vote today , I don’t think I can vote for the Npp again” , subsequently, another caller also added” I have regretted for voting this Npp government , they are only boasting of free SHS , Kofi let me ask you , can we eat the free SHS”.

Moreover, over twelve callers out the fifteen chastised the Npp government for sleeping on the jobs, they however expressed their worries over how life is treating them badly under the Akufo-Addo Bawumia, government even though they are Npp card bearing members.

“I don’t believe come 2024 general elections, the Np can come to my house to campaign for vote , they should keep on with rhethorics , how can starve the same people who joined long queues to voted for you Nana Addo to win? We have already taken our decision”, some added.

In addition, some youth under the Nabco flagship program who spoke to this portal on anonymous said that, they were forced to campaign vigorously for the Npp government to win so that they can get permanent jobs , but now the President has neglected them , leaving them frustrated.

“I even bought police forms this year was I rejected , I think the system is too hard, we were compelled to campaigned and voted for the Npp to win so that we can get permanent jobs since that was the promise, now all plans have turned to nill , honestly , me , when the IGP contest for the presidential position I will vote him because even within some shortest possible,he is making a lot achievements his predecessors didn’t do”, one trainee stated.


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