2024 Polls: “I’ll Deal With Alhaji Nasiru If He Dares The Npp Government,”- Alhaji Sodja


An astute member of the ruling New Patriotic Party in the Ashanti region, Alhaji Sodja has cautioned a communication team member of the National Democratic Congress, Alhaji Nasiru, to desist from the unprintable comments he has been passing on radio.

According to the National chairman for the New Ghana Transport Union, the NDC communicator notoriously made a assassinated comment on a radio station in Accra, perhaps warning him to reverse such uncivilized comments since he is fond of such remarks on radio.

“I want to tell Alhaji Nasiru that he is not manly than any NPP member. , if he dares anyone come 2024 general elections, he will see where power exists “, he expressed.

The transport owner declared to match the NDC boot for boot if its proponents decide to bring on violence anytime we will hold an election in the country.

“I am calling on the national security to deal with the NDC communicator. This is what their party National chairman did some time ago and there were serial killings in the country. This time we won’t sit aloof for them to act unjustly.”

He added that, if the NDC has any good point to make or criticisms, that should be made politely and not to incite the public against lawlessness.

“How can you sit on a radio station and make comments which will incite both political parties to engage in brawl, I think this is a very unfortunate incident perhaps the Npp government and the national security must sit up and deal with these violence makers before things get out of hands.” he highlighted.

In response to a viral video on social media whilst the NDC communicator sat on a radio station to allegedly stated that, they the NDC shall use any bloody means to win elections 2024, he cautioned the communicator to own up, if he indeed he believe to be man enough.

“We don’t talk, but we act. I have several evidence proven that the NDC has prepared themselves for war towards the 2024 elections but will never happen,” he professed.


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