‘‘Avoid Politicization Of Drivers Welfare ‘‘ Chairman Issah Tells GPRTU


The national Chairperson for the New Ghana transport union in the Ashanti Region, Alhaji Issah Soja, has exhorted the executives of the Ghana Private Roads Transport Union to avoid politicization of issues referring to the growth of drivers.

Speaking in a narrative with Ghnsem.com, he ratified that the executives of the GPRTU are been intolerance towards the ruling Npp government for numerous unmerited demonstrations.

He castigated the executives for impunity against the Npp government in recent times, meanwhile, they refused to do that during the John Mahama era.

The controversial chairman viewed how the GPRTU announced on nationwide demonstration, admitting it’s a form of sabotage against the government.

‘‘They have put on NDC attire and attacking the Npp in the name of the drivers, which is unjust. They refused to do that to opposition party ,when they were in power, but they are invariably opposing the Npp government. I will plead with them to quit the partiality and remain neutral’’, he asserted.

He submitted to the government to grant the plight of the underprivileged drivers and reduce the fuel prices for them, since their businesses are shattering.

‘‘ I will appeal to the government to scale down the fuel prices for us since we cannot make sales as it used to be ‘‘.


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