“Avoid Rush For White Color Jobs,”- Chief Imam Tells Ghanaian Youths


The Achiasi Chief Imam and Muslim scholar in the Atwima Nwabiagya North district of Ashanti region, Imam Ahmed Adam Antwi, has showed that the youth of the country should cease running for white color positions.

The Muslim teacher was very optimistic that the no jobs syndrome must be a thing of the past for the youth, believing they can live better lives if they avoid focusing on white color jobs and relying on the government.

Mr. Antwi emphasized that the youth can conceive worthwhile jobs for themselves if they avoid laziness.

“The no jobs syndrome in the country must be a thing of the past., why always attributing unemployment to politicians?, I think the youth can perform better if they organize their future carefully and avoid gambling and others. I want to urge them to use their hands to work and shun relying on office duties,” he continued.

He urged the youth to avert needless competition among themselves.

‘‘One thought to fend off is competition among themselves. This behavior leads to sakawa, blood money and others. I will urge them note this and shun from that’’, he stated.

“You can not eat what you do not have. The rush for immediate wealth and competition leads to sakawa and blood money. I will plead with them to stop that behavior,” he viewed.

In development, he cautioned mallams and so-called spiritualist on televisions to avoid those worthless things showing daily on their sets ,believing their advertisements go contrary to the laws of the country and that has another channel where the youth get those evil ideologies from.


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