A/R- ‘‘Disregard Obuobi’s fabricated lies against Hon. Collins Addai’’- Group


When we say Obuobi is an audacious ingrate, and a political bushman who doesn’t deserve to come close to the foyers of political leadership, we know what exactly we are talking about.

After being given almost 90% of all the Atwima Mponua District Assembly contracts by Hon. Yaw Darko (Former DCE), this shameless ingrate called Obuobi, went around to spread lies against Hon. Yaw Darko that he didn’t take good care of our party and people.

After giving Obuobi the ineligible privilege and opportunity to be Mr Kwame Oppong’s assistant as Deputy Constituency Youth Organizer, this wanton puppets, selfish political idiot called Obuobi went around tarnishing the image of Mr Oppong Kwame and spreading unsubstantiated lies against him till Obuobi eventually became the Constituency Organizer, kind courtesy the diabolical help from Hon. Isaac Kwame Asiamah (MP).

As if that is not enough, today, Obuobi and his paid political stooges are lying against Hon. Collins Addai that he campaigned against the party’s parliamentary candidate.

Obuobi is only spreading this erroneous and malicious campaign message just to cover his own ineptitude and egotism that practically sold our parliamentary seat to the NDC.

As a Constituency Organizer, and the principal spokesperson for the MP, instead of humbling himself and passionately appeal and beg our already frustrated party people to forgive our MP and vote for him again, Obuobi stood on many campaign platforms and arrogantly told our already angered party people that if they wouldn’t vote for the parliamentary candidate (Kwame Asiamah), then they should not even vote at all for the party. This was a very foolish way of convincing party people who had already made up their minds not to vote for the MP due to his perceived shortfalls.

In fact, this stupid conduct of Obuobi led many party people not to vote for our parliamentary candidate, hence the unprecedented loss of our parliamentary votes, which was even worse in the background of Obuobi’s own hometown.

We even lost an unprecedented number of votes in the then Constituency Chairman’s own background due to the arrogance and impunity of Obuobi’s foolish campaign conduct.

We therefore urge all our discerning and reasonable party people in Atwima Mponua to disregard the lies that Obuobi is spreading against the God Ordained Incoming Constituency Chairman, Hon. Collins Addai that he campaigned against the MP.

Hon. Collins Addai was the Constituency Secretary during those campaign days and still the Constituency Secretary. So if indeed he campaigned against the Party’s parliamentary candidate, why don’t have the party suspended him like they have done to the then Constituency Treasurer, Obama?

This should tell you that Obuobi is never a credible person. His only weapon is to lie against people for positions and favour.

Obuobi is a walking disaster for Atwima Mponua NPP, and very soon, with the help of our good party delegates, we shall wipe him out like a piece of shit.

Thank you, and have a wonderful New Year.


Mumuni Banda, on behalf of Team Collins


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