A/R- Traditional Herbalist Exposes Covid-19 Vaccination


    The Chief Executive Officer of Amagashie Herbal and Spiritual Clinic, Dr. Samuel Amagashie, has suggested that COVID-19 vaccine is impractical so he will never support it.

    Speaking with Agyenkwa fm’s Obofo Micheal after he won the Best Herbal and Spiritual Clinic of the year Award, he declared that the Vaccine is supposed to free us from statutes that environs it such as handwashing and wearing of mask but here comes the case we still follow it making it ineffectual in his sight.

    Traditional Physician says something have ostracized them in the fight against COVID-19.

    According to him, conventional medicine is an opportunity in the fight against Covid-19. Throughout history, traditional medicine has been an origin of medical therapy for infections such as malaria. The contribution of traditional medicine in the management of Covid-19 may complement healthcare prevention and medical care services.

    It is possible to use the many results got on African plants to produce stimulants to heal fever, dry cough, breathing difficulties and acting on the immune system in people with Covid-19.

    He added Ghanaians should re-address our former idea of soothing, which is the use of herbal prescription.

    He then advocated for all Ghanaians to hold on to our herbal medicine and embrace it.


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