Breaking News; “Ghana To Experience Water Crisis, Hunger Spree,”- Apostle Dirl Airl Marshall


“There will be fierce hunger rampage and water crisis in the country, if accidentally Dr. Bawumia becomes Ghana’s president, the only person who can rescue the country from such pressure is Alan Kyeremateng,” the Supervisor of soldiers of Christ, prayer group of all Churches mentioned in an interview with today.

Apostle Dr. Dirl Airl King Marshall, who is known for his contentious revelations, deflected the Inspector General of Police, Dr. Akufo Dampare policies to stop prophecies and went ahead with his God sent epiphanies as he asserted.

He implied that this catastrophe will last for over fifty years. It will, however, consume homosexuals, sinners and bad political heads.

“God has conceded to me that, there will be hunger orgy and water crisis in the country, this will last for over fifty years and damage homosexuals ,sinners and political leaders if Dr. Bawumia’s becomes President, the only rescuer is Alan Kyeremateng, I am praying with the Npp to give him the chance to lead the party,” he remarked.

In addition, he castigated the leadership of the leadership of the governing New Patriotic Party for obstructing the Alan Kyeremateng factor, believing it will affect the party’s victory come 2024 general elections.

“John Boadu should pay attention to me, he should lend me his ears, they should not wreck Alan Kyeremateng, he is ordained to lead the Npp party for victory in 2024,” he ratified.


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