Editorial: Greening Ghana Project, Is it continuing to be the usual ‘‘Chop Chop’’ Phenomenon Or Exquisite One?



    Ghanaians were very amazing to follow the Minister of Agriculture, Hon. Asenso Boakye and the entire forestry department to plant trees across the length and breadth of the country some months ago.

    The multimillion question is that, are we leading to see changes after spending huge amount of money on it, or maybe the usual Chop Chop phenomenon, i.e. no action after spending on the projects.

    In most incidents, some past government including the current Npp government, have “depleted” resources on rotten projects such as Seglemi housing projects, E-block school projects and others.

    In the Ashanti region, precisely Kumasi, the Ghana Journalists Association, jointly with KMA took upon themselves to grow some ornamental plants in the metropolitan, but this project has not born any good results.

    A lot of precedents can be specified as an example of the issue of renunciation of a project which would have assisted the state or the money been used for projects for the jobless youth.

    It’s become very daunting to see our leaders misusing state fund on ghost projects, whilst these graduates find it onerous to get one square meal for endurance.

    If really the government thinks about the future of the country and the youth, they should revisit some policies which have been introduced to waste money but nothing to write home about.

    I would like to once again propose to the government to keep an eagle eye on the trees planted. Some Forestry officials are perching on the job.


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