Editorial: Npp’s Mafia Ploys, The Road To Opposition?


    We know the opposition National Democratic Congress for their indoctrinations, whereby the NPP is noted for mafia games against their own members.

    Since the party came to power, there have been a chance of complaints regarding how their executives have been treating their grassroots members, those who fought for the victory for the party.

    Emerging from the elites, the party has comprehended in how to delude their members, even those who own qualifications suffer a lot.

    The party communicators who proliferate and sell the good news to the public have been crying day in and out over the mafia games by the National Executives Committee (NEC), Regional Executives, Constituency executives and others.

    Several of their bitter complaints include ignoring their calls, not fulfilling their promises, not given them jobs opportunities, not given them scholarship opportunities, not responding and respecting them, not unifying the grassroots members and many more you can mention.

    The floating members who do not belong to either of the two parties have also expressed their biases about how the executives who coerced them to vote for the Npp to win two consecutive times have neglected them

    “We put our professions, certificates and affiliations aside and followed the party like our property, we even convinced our mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers who never thought of voting for the party to vote for them, but they are pointing fingers on us for deceiving them, those who got the little opportunities to join some flagships programs like Nabco, afforestation and co are crying because of none payment of salaries/stipends.”


    The Akufo-Addo led government has failed the people of Ghana, the youth unemployment which has become a major canker to the people has never been solved. The Nations builders corps which was initiated to solve such problem has collapsed because of poor management, not mentioning of afforestation.

    We will recall that the party has likewise given profitable jobs to their daughters and sons, whereby given seven hundred cedis jobs to the charcoal seller’s daughter.

    On a more serious note, the Npp should prepare for opposition, if they pursue with their selfish and blasphemous treatment to the people of Ghana and party supporters.


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