Editorial : The Rise Of Tenancy Misunderstandings, The Issue Of Flexible Tenancy Laws


    In later times, tenancy misunderstanding especially in the Cities, such as Kumasi, Accra and others, keep rising on higher pedestal, all bows down to the fact that there is poor legal system and unrecognized tenancy laws seeking to resolve tenancy misunderstanding in the country.

    Talking of tenancy misunderstanding, it goes straight to tenant & tenant conflicts, gossiping, backbiting in compound houses, affronts, excessive behaviors, nuisance attitudes, exhibiting uncivilized characters and the most common ones often are attacked and several others you can mention.

    With attacks and nuisance behaviors, we could take it as criminal offences. The flexible character of tenancy laws allows bully tenants to maltreat co-resident.

    What about the inhuman and offensive actions of a tenant who only aims to plague the tranquility of co-holder through gossips, innuendos, pity- pity quarrels which can intensify to become big troubles? Has the law reached its recommendation to deal with unlawful tenants without favoritism?

    Has the law prosecuted a lawless tenant, as it has dealt with a young man who steals plantain and cassava from someone’s farm?

    Has the law also imprisoned a tenant who distracts a co-tenant peace, through mere jealousy and disrespectful behaviors, raises conflicts, to harm his or her tenant?

    A case study of a woman who felt in love with a male tenant became worsened, since the male tenant did not give it to the female tenant because he was in a serious relationship with another lady, later it resulted to chaos and feud between both, whereby the female tenant believed the co-tenant refuses to accept her proposal, victim sees the tenancy laws to be weak.

    Another case study of a female tenant who formed gossip group a compound house with outside tenants to talk and gossip about a male tenant because she felt skeptical of him, this later became a discord between them, since the male tenant felt sullied by the co tenant and its followers.

    These and several other cases which time may not permit us to talk about are still hidden, because the tenancy laws seem so lenient and flexible enough to tackle those nuisance attitudes in most of our cities and towns.

    Landlords who bully tenants to the extent of not paying light bills, and many other can also be cited further to the story, neighbors who only seek the downfall of others dubious means, such as stealing, contract attacks, extortion and many others.

    To the nonentity in the compound, who has the only aim of finding means to fight, limit and belittle the gained reputation of a young man (graduate) (s)

    The question remains undecided about how the laws deals with these stubborn in the society, in our cities and metropolises.



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