Executive Secretary To The Vice President Vying For Chieftaincy Position At Aowin?


    On the 11th November, 2021, the Executive Secretary to the Vice President, Dr. Augustine Blay was installed as Abuafohene [Chief Helper] in the land of sefwi by the Royal Highness Katakyie Kwesi Bumangama II , the Paramount Chief of sefwi wiawso traditional arae.

    The Aboufohene was spotted serving donations and hampers to the people of Aowin, which has raised eyebrows, people challenging the justification of his kind gesture.

    In our Akan culture, though, we understand the concept of giving and rewards, but this has gone beyond the routine type of charities, which comes for position.

    The curious token of the bureaucratic gesture seems to have question marks attached to it. Folk are wondering why his focus is on the people of Aowin in the same Western North region, believing he is vying for another Chieftaincy crown from the kingmakers of Aowin.

    This might not be what others inferred, but it might spin capricious. We believe time will determine the impulse behind the odd endowments by the politician.

    Folks have raised concerns perceiving he is doing biding for his paymaster.

    On a more serious note, Dr. Blay’s ploys to win the spirit of the chiefs through shady means sounds noteworthy for many, hence asking why he keeps offering hampers without the chiefs and the peoples requesting for it.

    More to follow.


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