‘‘I Am Ready To Provide An Autographed Copy Of The Manifesto’’, John Mahama To Akufo-Addo


On the Facebook facade of the erstwhile president, H. E John Dramani Mahama, he has published some alternative measures for solving the country’s plentiful problems.

Refer to the statement below;

I assume the President must hold his powers seriously and fixate on working to modify the circumstances of our people, relatively than the rabble-rousing skits he serves the nation.

To clarify his rhetorical query on policy, if only he took a minute, in the sympathy of his chartered jet, to read the People’s manifesto, he would have at least studied the ‘Big Push’ (an accelerated infrastructure plan for Ghana), ‘Free Primary Health Care Plan’, the ‘1 million jobs plan’, ‘Ghana FIRST’ (Framework for Industrial Revitalisation, Support and Transformation) and several alternative well-considered-through and yielded policies.

I am amenable to lend him with an autographed pirate of the manifesto.

With his tone of yesterday, he has engraved his alcove as an able proponent, but sadly a miserable ruler, as Ghanaians have struck out at terrific cost.


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