‘‘I Will Make Central Region Strong Again ‘‘- Armstrong Esaah, Central Regional Secretary Hopeful Declares


A craving Central Regional Secretary Hopeful, Mr Armstrong Esaah has made a very sincere statement which has caused an uproar in the camp of other striving contenders because he’s known as a powerful voice with enormous political wisdom that can surpass the incumbent and other interested parties.

According to him, he will not occupy the august office at the regional secretariat to be a boss over anyone, but he’s going to render a service with humility because his identity is a grassroot and acknowledges the fact that power is transient. Having this in mind, he’s guided that any opportunity one gets to serve must be human centered and in the very best interest of all, especially the vulnerable.

He continued, our actions and in actions must be one that will create opportunities for all party faithful who have sacrificed their all at the peril of their lives. He further advised, “We should not use power given on us by the people to victimize the same people who share divergent views with us”.

However, he clarified that the party’s constitution ’ ll guide him and will do nothing contrary to the provisions in the spirit and letter of same. He explained, “I will not hide behind the constitution to perpetuate any act of intimidation and abuse of power against party people for no just course”. That will be unprincipled on my part.

Again, he said, “I will be very independent minded person in the discharge of my duties as provided in Article 7 (5a), (5bi), (5bii) and (5c), but will not be limited to other auxiliary functions that will bring positive changes and dignity to the office. That not withstanding, I will not allow myself to be coerced by unseen hands and act in contravention to our constitution.

He believes in the number game for which reason he has chosen the motto, “Possible Together”. That said, making inferences from Mr Armstrong Esaah, the incoming secretary’s speech, he is very conscious of implementing programs and activities that will bring everyone on board because everyone matters. He posited each individual is unique with different potential and thinks that it should leave no one on the fence because every vote counts.

He concluded, “l will not be a rubber stamp secretary who cannot decipher from right and wrong and only play to the whims and caprices of others. I will serve my people and discharge my duties”.



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