IGP Dampare Keeps Security Tight In Kumasi Amidst Christmas Festivities


The unusual aggressiveness of the men in uniform has kept hope of business owners and women, students, immigrants and others alive in the city.

One can estimate the police have been on various check points and unique places within the radius and shoulders of Kumasi and its vicinities, making it sound marvelous, whilst people extolling the current Inspector General Of Police , Dr. Akufo Dampare for modernizing the nation’s policing.

On a more thoughtful view, the police we knew some years ago under the command of some IGPs never achieved what the action IGP is doing.

In most instances, the operation of the police personnel in the capital has boost economic endeavors, since traders have no worries or doubts, even though there might be some pity issues.

Checks by this portal show, most of the officers hold active guns and side pistols, which signifies their preparedness to fight miscreants in the metropolis.

The law enforcement officers, as we customarily see them in pairs, are not what we are seeing but the number of properly built and dressed personnel on alert.

Nobody can query the rectitude of the personnel under the leadership of Dr. Akufo Dampare. However, we hope this kind of discipline of policing keeps on, especially on our roads, to ensure passengers drive safely home with no impediment.

The police, whilst been applauded, must also respect the laws and avoid taking the laws into their own hands and act impunity. They should value individual rights and status, since the poor Ghanaians pay them through their carriages.


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