“Intensify Education To Reduce Stigmatization Of Covid-19 Drugs,” Chief


“I guess the government must reinforce the education concerning the covid-19 vaccines, many folks think the doses are harmful so taking it has become a problem, so the Ghana Health Service must intensify the education,” Nana Nguah, Chief of Anwuru in the Sefwi Wiawso Municipal told the press.

He announced that the fear of being gone blind and other purported mentality against the vaccines has led to people running away from the vaccination.

The chief narrated that, though some people have taken the vaccines but it will be prudent for the government to involve traditional leaders, churches and other relevant stakeholders for the education to go down well with the people.

“The Ministry of Health and Ghana Health Service must engage Nananom and leaders of the various denominations to intensify the education, I suggest through this process people can get to understand the essence of taken the vaccines in order to help curb the situation,” he reiterated.

Nana seized the opportunity to admonish Ghanaians to take the vaccination seriously and make sure they go in for it, since the fight against the pandemic.

“Ghanaians must desist from the hearsay and negative mentality against the vaccines. Every country is vaccinating, so I think we should endeavor to also take the jab to curb the pandemic,” he affirmed.


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