“Involve Farmers In Decision Making”- GNACOFA Tells Cocobod


The national coordinator for the Ghana National Association of Cocoa Farmers (GNACOFA) Rev. Dr. Oheneba Nyarko has appealed to the Ghana Cocobod to engage farmers in decision making board of the scheme.

He disclosed this to GhNsem.com today in an interview.

He expressed that farmers have been hoodwinked and underestimated on decision making since no one stood up to fight for them, but their cooperative will not relent on issues relating to the interest of these impoverished farmers.

“I want to affirm it decisively clear that, farmers in the country have been spurned by the so called Ghana Cocobod, the mantra at which the Cocobod takes an unequivocal rule for the farmers without their concerns must be think of the past, I crave to plead with them to involve farmers to the board on decision making, this can help us voice out our worries at all times,” he asserted.

Moreover, he exhorted the government to prioritize the interest of the farmers ahead of their personal influence.

“It’s too unpleasant for the Cocobod not thinking about the health of these poor farmers. They are sitting at conducive environments enjoying the sweat of these farmers whilst they walk under the hot sun for nothing. This is the time for the farmers to also benefit from their exertions,” he echoed.

Mr. Nyarko suggested that, majority of farmers in the villages are dying because of absence of quality health care and access to education.

“What is the essence of the so called Cocoa clinic? Go to the villages and see how farmers are deteriorating as a result of snake bite and other challenging issues. They have been swindling the farmers for given them scholarship, whilst diverting it for party boys and siblings of MPS and Minister,” he remarked.

He prayed to the Akufo-Addo’s led government to sit up and consider the welfare of these farmers.

“We will be constrained to stage a gigantic nationwide protest against the Npp government for not helping the farmers, I will plead with H. E Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo Addo to call for round table conference for consultation on the welfare of these inclined farmers.” He concluded.



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