”Pay Farmers Through Bank Or E-zwich”- Akua Donkor To Govt


The founder and leader of Ghana Freedom Party, Madam Akua Donkor, has called on the government to adopt modernize means of paying farmers after selling their cocoa beans to the purchasing agents to allay their overload.

The astute farmer noted that farmers in the villages go through a lot of torture before they pay their monies to them, after they have sold the beans to the PCs.

In an interview with GhNsem.com, she lamented on the terrible conditions the farmers go through after they have sold their cocoa beans.

She confessed that farmers in the villages are suffering because of this poor treatment meted out to them by some of these Cocoa Purchasing Clerks.

”When you go to the villages, a farmer will sell his or her Cocoa beans to get the money to cater for the family, but it will take some days before getting the money, the farmer together with their family will suffer without the PC thinking about their welfare, I think its time the government finds a lasting solution to the menace’’, she reiterated.

She called on the Cocobod to always prioritize the welfare of the farmers, since they are the spine of the country.

‘’Sometimes, I feel so lousy for our gallant farmers because they are the backbone of the country but the politicians do not think about them, even farming inputs for their farms becomes i will plead with the government to sit up and these farmers’’, she mentioned.



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