Just Inn; ”Celebraties Who Go Nude Will Have Their Private Parts Rotten”- Apostle Warns


The general overseer for Soldiers of Christ, Prayer group for All Churches, Apostle Dr. Dirl Airl King Marshall has declared that Ghanaian female celebrities who are fond of going nude will suffer severely from rotten private parts, as God’s anger falls upon them.

He made this shocking discovery to GhNsem.com in an interview today.

The controversial prophet stated precisely that, Akuapem Poloo going back to continue her jail term is a good fortune for the country, however warning other Personalities to learn sense from it, since God won’t condone anyone who does what she Poloo did.

He said that, when Akuapem Poloo was initially arrested, God unveiled to him that anybody who will stand in defence of Poloo will incur God’s wrath, so the need for the law to deal with her.

“God told me anyone who defends Akuapem Poloo will be dealt with, the revelation is clear now, we must acknowledge the judge who sentenced Akuapem Poloo to continue her jail term, this is a blessing to Ghana, God had confessed to me if Poloo is saved from jail, there would be total hardships in Nana Addo’s government, however, individual Celebrities who are fond of going nude will have their private parts rotten,” he underscored.

He added “Akuapem Poloo will not be the last person to incur God’s punishment for going bald, other Celebrities who are enamored of doing that will not alone go to jail but incur God’s severe punishment, their parts will rot beyond understanding, if they fail to listen to my voice and abstain from that sinful deeds,” he affirmed.

He cautioned politicians to avoid raising their shoulders and disrespect the citizens, who joined long queues and voted for them to gain power.

“Politicians should avoid been ungrateful to Ghanaians. They should respect individuals who joined long queues to vote for them to win power,” he concluded.


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