NDC Internal Elections: “Avoid Reward of Bribes For Votes”- Caucus Treasurer Threatens


The Ashanti regional Zongo Caucus treasurer for the opposition National Democratic Congress, Alhaji Osman has called on party members (delegates) to avoid accepting bribes to vote for non-willing individuals who cannot help the party win 2024 general elections but committed ones.

He disclosed that it has come to the notice of the party executives how some constituency executives, out of their selfish gains, pay money to delegates to vote for their favorite candidates, which later hinders the party’s victory.

“I want to take this opportunity to caution the various constituency executives to avoid bribing delegates to vote for their favorite candidates who cannot do the jobs, they should desist from that unlawful habits since the party is preparing assiduously to win the 2024 general elections,” he noted.

The astute member of the party reiterated that they will deal with any executive caught in these uncivilized acts.

“We need committed people to protect the ballot boxes at various polling stations throughout the country. As we are preparing for our internal elections this year, we won’t spare unlawful executives. I will entreat all and sundry to avoid voting for people who are not amenable to support the party. We need consecrated characters for triumph ballots.”

In addition, he announced for consensus among party members along the polls.

“United we stand, divided we fall, 2024 elections is a must-win for the NDC, so I will plead with the supporters of other aspirants to avoid pandemonium, innuendos and division, we should all come together as one body and win this election,” he established.



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