Nine Medicinal Benefits And Importance Of Lemon Juice


    Lemon is an essential additive in many of the Ayurveda Medications. Lemon also used as medicine for different maladies. Because It has multiple medicinal, health and culinary advantages. Lemons are very rich in Vitamin C, contain minerals such as calcium, magnesium and phosphorous. We know lemon water and Lemon juice for many health and medicinal benefits like controlling acidity, obesity, BP, fever, constipation, heartburn, etc.

    Medicinal Uses Of Lemon

    Rochana–Lemon strengthens metabolism capacity.

    For Acidity

    Now number of people are suffering from acidity or digestive system applied complications and are taking doses. Lemon water is useful for mild operating of mind and absorption process. Lemon has citric acid up to 8% in its sauce, which aids in digestion. When lemon is taken mixed with hot water, it gives relief from indigestion, gas, cramping, heartburn, bloating, belching and relieve toxins from the body.

    Lemon for fair skin and beauty

    It is an awful antibiotic for skin management and fairness of skin. Lemon is the extensive natural cleanser and also admirable for lovely skin regimen. The endowed substance of vitamin C is convenient to revitalize skin and also brighten your face and also make the skin radiance from inside.

    For Oral and Dental

    Lemon is among the essential Ayurveda foods used to treat oral, gum, and dental illness. If a person is feeling tooth pain, he needs to use fresh lemon juice in the affected areas to get relief from pain. Having bleeding troubles of gums, give lemon juice to periodontal to secure satisfaction. It is also useful to give relief from the unpleasant smell of mouth and scurvy.


    When used to gargle leads to cleansing of oral cavity. Hence, lemon juice is an excellent remedy for bad breath or tongue membrane obstacles.

    For Constipation

    Whoever has stiffness, it is better to make use of lemon water. One could take lemon water at night. Or you can take warm lemon water in the morning to clean your bowel. Lemon juice for irregularity is more effective if I take it on a hollow stomach in the early morning. Routine consumption of lemon juice helps to eliminate waste and toxin from the gastrointestinal system and control irregular bowel movements, contraction and diarrhoea.

    For Fatigue

    Trushna Nivarana–It relieves thirst. Natural Energy Drink.

    Lemon Drink is a preference for fatigue and exhaustion. If you want to restore yourself after the nervous and busy routine of the day, it is a smart action to have a lemon juice together with a small quantity of sugar. We also taken lemon as refreshment.

    For Sore Throat

    For precise larynx dispute, one should gargle with lemon water. Making lemon water for gargling, it is showed to absorb half a lemon one-half glass of water. Yet, daily gargling ought to be bypassed as it may disable the lacquer part.

    As an Immune Backer

    Lemon is having plenty of vitamin C and very convenient in combating cold and coughs. Lemon has numerous phytochemicals such as Hesperetin as well as Naringenin. These are anti-oxidants as well as aids to improve the immune system of the body.

    As a Diuretic

    Daily, a big amount of waste products as well as toxic substance produced in the body. They disrupt the regular tasks of cells as well as cells of the body. They are additionally in responsibility of different diseases. Lemon is incredibly beneficial to eliminate these unwanted substances from the body by increasing urination. It makes the whole purgative system well equilibrium by releasing toxic substances from the body.


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