Opinion; NPP Leaders Trading Parliamentary Seats To ‘Enemies’ In Western North Region?


Someone must spoke the truth for ones without fear or favor. Some western north officers of the ruling Npp are not helping the party to achieve its goals.

I will say voters vote for their favored nominees, and not party, but the party forms government.

Party Executives engagement with media

After the media guys languished under untreated mosquito nets on the 28th December 2018 to cover the election process, cheated by some selected persons who were mandated to cater for them, what has been their compensations?

Transit to cover the event was a headache. It took the tenacious spirits of some media men before they could cover the program they were pressing for.

Media accreditation was a big dilemma. The media had to scroll trials before winning entry into the election centers for the report.

The executives running the affairs of the party in the region must value the media, the citizens who joined long queues to vote for the formulation of the region.

After the achievement, Members of Parliament, MMDCEs, some Npp regional executives and other authorities have turned Demi gods.

It takes twelve months for a party executive who must be a unifier to answer a call from a journalist, grassroot member, floating member, a student, etc.

Though, the executives cannot be the breadwinners of the supporters but enough, extending pleasantries, seasonal gifts, greetings, showing concerns and caring can at last win a heart of a frustrated Ghanaian who may need comfort.

If may be the regional executives and MPs can recall the number of calls on their phones and letters they never dealt with, because they are now in power.

Can the citizenry boast of the creation of the region after fighting for it some long time?

Without mincing words, the Npp is selling the parliamentary seats to their opponent for being mediocre and slandering the voters. It will pursue them.

The region has not achieved its purpose of establishment because of treachery.

The region which has rich natural resources but its youth are trekking to the city’s for survival. This is happening because the very indigenes who are supposed to push the youth are rather tugging them down.

Nananom who are deemed to sit up and fight for the development of the region, are not doing so because of their political connections.

The Npp government has failed the people of Ghana but the western north is deteriorating, though the party has a majority of the seats now, it will marvel them if they win two out of it come 2024 general elections, because of greed.

Bulk of the seats will go back to the rival NDC, since the legislators are not good managers.

The opposition may take Sefwi Wiawso seat, who is the regional capital. It will follow by other humiliating MPs and other party officers.

I will end here. A word to the wise is enough.


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