SIM Card Re-registration Exercise: “Engage More Graduates To Quicken The Process,”- CPP Chair Tells Gov’t


The erstwhile Ashanti regional chairperson for the Convention People Party, Mr O. S Osei Yaw, has hailed on the National Communications Authority to enlist enough graduates and create advance posts to accelerate the process of the SIM registration exercise.

He made this known to the press in an interview today.

Mr. Osei Yaw viewed that, given opportunities for the young graduates who are finding it laborious to get job opportunities, will lessen the unemployment lapses in the country.

“The NCA must take this opportunity to create jobs avenues for our youth who are striving to get jobs. At least it will ease the burden on the government,” he stated.

In addition, the prominent political analyst echoed that, nevertheless , the NCA has issued protocols on how to go about the process without bottlenecks, but he still believe this is the right opportunity to give jobs to the youth.

“Will the NCA stop the millions of Ghanaians who may not get opportunities to register their SIMS? Why can’t they do it as they did to the NIA Card?” he inquires.


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