W/N-R Residents Call For Construction Of Speed Ramps Amidst Over-speeding


“We do not want any mishap or casualty, we don’t have to sit aloof for someone to die before we can call for speed bumps, the earlier we take a decision the better,” residents of Sefwi Subri in the Bibiani-Anhwiaso-Bekwai Municipality of Western North region have told GhNsem.com in an interview.

They hinted that school children fear for themselves for crossing the deadly road in the community.

The depressed locals viewed that Pragya riders since the beginning of the construction of the road have been riding roughly on the road, believing this can lead to accident.

‘‘Pragya riders have been riding roughly on this road since the beginning of the construction of the road. The authorities must be proactive and construct the speed bumps or we shall do it ourselves”, they reiterated.

In addition, some school children reported that the Over-speeding riders demoralize them when going to school.

“Even though our schoolteachers consistently help us cross the roads but it’s horrifying, the motorists use tough speed on the road which astounds us from going to school.”

Speaking to some teachers in the community, they appealed to the authorities to provide road signs, in order to prevent any misfortune on the road.

‘’We are calling on the highway authorities or the feeder roads to be proactive, sometimes we have to assist the school children cross the road, some parents have stopped bringing their children to school because of the fear of the Pragya riders, the authorities must act as soon as possible ’’, they stated.


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