‘’We Are Disappointed In Our MP For Failing Us’’ – Residents Of Subri Vows


‘‘After we voted for him to win the poll, our expectations have not been met, he made many promises during the election but has accomplished none, the most significant of all is the network mast which has become a white elephant in the community leaving major frustrated’’, some inhabitants of Subri a farming community under the Bibiani Anhwaiso Bekwai Municipality of the western region have revealed.

According to some residents, the Member of Parliament, Hon. Alfred Obeng Boateng, marshaled the youth in the community to mount the network mast before the 2020 elections, believing it woks for them to enjoy genuine network especially MTN which has been the prevalent network in the area but that has not been the case, they have to climb trees or migrate to Chirano and neighboring communities before they can make calls or get connected to the internet.

Speaking to some students, they voiced their hostility over how the network issue has stirred their studies.

They said’’ We need to constantly travel to Chirano or Subri Nkwanta before we can get connection to quality network to learn, especially during the vacations, we have lost trust in the Member of Parliament’’.

In addition, some natives who spoke on anonymity narrated that, besides the network issue, the community lack access to several infrastructural development, such as computer lab, and others.

‘‘The MP had eleven votes during their delegates’ elections against his opponent, Hon. Aboagye Gyedu who was then the incumbent, this proves how the community love him, but he has not paid attention to the quandary of the peoples who elected him, computer lab provided by the Chirano Gold Mines LTD is in a ravaged state but no one has shown concern, not talking of the poor network issue’’, they included.

In conclusion, they called upon the government to come to their aid as soon as possible and provide those essential amenities for them.

‘‘We love the party and voted for them, but we have regretted since our toil has turned to be fruitless, we are calling on the President to pay attention to our plea and assist us’’.


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