‘‘We Have Never Enjoyed Christmas festivities Over The Past Three Years’’, Nabco Trainees Share Bitter Stories


    The trainees of the Nations Builders Corps [NABCO] have expressed anguish over how the authorities of the scheme have been treating them for the past three years since the inception of the so-called bridge gap program.

    The Nabco program was initiated by the Npp government to reduce graduates’ unemployment rates in the country, but that has not been the case. The over seventy thousand currently under the program have expressed gross dissatisfaction over the horrendous treatment by administration of the program.

    According to them, they have never enjoyed Christmas festivities with their families for the past three years.

    In may 2018, the President instituted the program in Accra; it had over one hundred thousand graduates under seven different modules, civic Ghana, educate Ghana, heal Ghana, enterprise Ghana, revenue Ghana, digitize Ghana and others.

    They sent the trainees to both the public and private sector of the economy, however; they were supposed to pay seven hundred cedis peanuts every month.

    The cadets have, over the time, cried over how they have been impaired by the MIPs and the Npp government over permanent placements and other issues.

    They explained, ‘‘We do not know what is Christmas , because every year we go home empty handedness. This is very painful’’, they shared.

    In addition, they expressed that, in their various agencies, they have been treated like unwanted materials, with no respect.

    The trainees says, the scheme has starved them for the past three years, with no consistencies in payment of their stipends.

    Notwithstanding, they lamented on how the society sees them amidst the poor treatment by the Nabco secretariat, calling on the government to sit up and do what is needed.


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